Just Jump

Just Jump was originally created for the GDQ(GameDevsQuest) One Mechanic Game Jam 2. The game has since been ported to Android.

In Just Jump, the only goal is to jump and earn points. Points are earned by staying airborne.

Google Play

Just Jump 4.0

Surprise, Just Jump is still being worked on. It’s still just a side project that I’ve been using to get some experience in the mobile field. Beta: The game has now transitioned into the beta phase. Most of the content I wanted to add has been added. Just Jump has always been a simple game […]


Update 3.0

Update time! This update is mainly focused on targeting the new Google APIs but there are bug fixes along with it. API: The target API is now 26 as it will be required in a few months. Fixes and Changes: – Fixed main menu text – Changed splash screen to the new logo – Fixes […]


Update 2.0

Its time for a Just Jump update. Z is still my number one priority which is why Just Jump has been getting ignored but I finally got around to getting some stuff done. Speed: Speed now increases with your score. The speed stops increasing after 400 pts because I was only able to set the […]

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